How to stand at a standing desk?

2019-02-15 Admin

Standing all day long just does not work! Keep these in mind: Start small, gradually increase the time you spend standing, take breaks when you sit, go for a sit:stand ratio between 1:3 and 3:1. Keep varying your posture while you are standing. Read more.

Best computer wrist rest

2019-01-04 Admin

Working on the computer for long hours at a time can be painful on your wrists and hands, and can lead to repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome. That's why it's essential that you support your wrist adequately when you type, so that they don't feel fatigued even after a long day at the computer. A good wrist rest will even help to alleviate neck and shoulder tension. When looking for the best computer wrist rest for you, there are a few things that you should consider. Read more.

Why is wrist rest important?

2018-12-21 Admin

Whether you're working at the office all day, or spending hours gaming every night, it's safe to say that our computers are an intrinsic part of our world. We spend so much time on them, that issues such as repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel syndrome are well known problems associated with typing. Wrist rests have been touted as a great way to relieve pain, and prevent further injury. Read more.

Best ergonomic standing desk

2018-07-25 Admin

Using a sit-stand desk already makes your workplace more ergonomic, but still there's always room for improvement. Not every kind of work needs the same sit-stand desk or the same extras to get the ergonomics right. Read on to find out which are the most ergonomic sit-stand desks for use with a laptop, or if you have carpal tunnel syndrome, or if you only have a small space for your new desk. Read more.

What to stand on at a standing desk?

2018-07-23 Admin

The main possibilites to choose from when deciding what to stand on a standing desk are a combination of running or jogging shoes, standing desk mat, balance board, foam roller or foot roller, foot rest or foot stool, mini elliptical trainer or stepper, treadmill. For best results just keep it simple and get a few of these - this way you'll get the variety you need for healthy standing. Read more.

Best motorized standing desk

2018-06-18 Admin

Getting a motorized standing desk which is just right for you is not that hard, still you'll need to get quite a few things right to get great, functional sit-stand desks. Electric sit-stand desks come in many shapes and styles, doing a bit of leg work before buying one can save you from a lot of hassle later on. Read more.

Standing desk good for lower back pain?

2018-06-05 Admin

Most cases of lower back pain originate from bad posture, standing fixes most of the bad posture, so using a standing desk almost automatically improves your back pain. Besides using a sit-stand desk, there are lot of small things you can do for your posture - these all add up to improve your back pain. Read more.

Complete guide to VIVO standing desks

2018-05-31 Admin

VIVO has a wide range of high quality office products, including a few really nice standing desk frames. This article will guide you through the details and differences between the desks. Read more.

How to pick a standing desk?

2018-05-23 Admin

Quick tips: The desk should go low enough to sit at it comfortably... and high enough for comfortable standing, double check the height range. If it does not go low enough do not worry, you can get around it with a drafting stool. Get an electric desk with memory buttons for best comfort. Check the desk's depth and width so it matches your needs and your office's limits. Check the desk's max load - pneumatic desks can't hold much. Avoid desks with stabilizing bars between the legs - you'd hit this with your knee/shin when sitting down. Locking casters help you move around the desk or fix it in place as needed. Read more.

Complete guide to Apexdesk standing desks

2018-05-18 Admin

ApexDesk has high quality electric standing desks, and it's easy to get lost in the details when looking for a desk. This guide will help you clear up the differences, and will make choosing a desk easier. Read on to find out more about ApexDesk's products. Read more.

Complete guide to Ergotron stand up desks

2018-05-01 Admin

Ergotron has a wide range of sit-stand desks, with the most popular ones using it's proprietary Constant Force technology. It's a bit easy to get lost in all the variations, this buying guide is here to help you understand the differences and the use-cases for the desks. Read on for more! Read more.

How Tall Should A Standing Desk Be?

2018-04-19 Admin

Set the height of your desk so that you can rest your elbow and forearm on it comfortably - when you put your forearms on the desk, your forearm and upper arm should be at 90 to 120 degrees. If you are unsure measure the distance between the floor and your elbow, and raise your desk to the this height. Read more.

Complete guide to Stand Up Desk Store desks

2018-04-09 Admin

Stand Up Desk Store has a wide range of standing desks and sit-stand desks, and it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices and options. This buying guide helps you understand the different desk-types and their typical use-cases, pros and cons. Read on to find out more about the desks. Read more.

Exercises To Do At Standing Desk

2018-03-28 Admin

It's easy to get carried away with the work at your home-office, and forget all the things that are necessary for you to stay healthy - eating on time, drinking enough water, and moving enough. To get to the bottom of this issue keep a fixed schedule, always have water near you, and move a bit around while you are working. Using a standing desks is already healthier than sitting all day long, but why not make it even better by doing a few exercises? Read more.