Exercises To Do At Standing Desk

2018-03-28 Admin

It's easy to get carried away with the work at your home-office, and forget all the things that are necessary for you to stay healthy - eating on time, drinking enough water, and moving enough. To get to the bottom of this issue keep a fixed schedule, always have water near you, and move a bit around while you are working. Using a standing desks is already healthier than sitting all day long, but why not make it even better by doing a few exercises? Read more.

Why is wrist rest important?

2018-12-21 Admin

Whether you're working at the office all day, or spending hours gaming every night, it's safe to say that our computers are an intrinsic part of our world. We spend so much time on them, that issues such as repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel syndrome are well known problems associated with typing. Wrist rests have been touted as a great way to relieve pain, and prevent further injury. Read more.

Standing desk good for lower back pain?

2018-06-05 Admin

Most cases of lower back pain originate from bad posture, standing fixes most of the bad posture, so using a standing desk almost automatically improves your back pain. Besides using a sit-stand desk, there are lot of small things you can do for your posture - these all add up to improve your back pain. Read more.