Standing desk good for lower back pain?

2018-06-05 Admin

Most cases of lower back pain originate from bad posture, standing fixes most of the bad posture, so using a standing desk almost automatically improves your back pain. Besides using a sit-stand desk, there are lot of small things you can do for your posture - these all add up to improve your back pain. Read more.

Exercises To Do At Standing Desk

2018-03-28 Admin

It's easy to get carried away with the work at your home-office, and forget all the things that are necessary for you to stay healthy - eating on time, drinking enough water, and moving enough. To get to the bottom of this issue keep a fixed schedule, always have water near you, and move a bit around while you are working. Using a standing desks is already healthier than sitting all day long, but why not make it even better by doing a few exercises? Read more.