Exercises To Do At Standing Desk

It's easy to get carried away with the work at your home-office, and forget all the things that are necessary for you to stay healthy - eating on time, drinking enough water, and moving enough. To get to the bottom of this issue keep a fixed schedule, always have water near you, and move a bit around while you are working. Using a standing desks is already healthier than sitting all day long, but why not make it even better by doing a few exercises?

We have collected a list of exercises you can do while working at your desk - from strengthening to stretching you'll find almost anything you could find useful. The exercises are from Rehab My Patitent's youtube channel - check them out, they have a video for every exercise you'd ever need.

If you have foot pain while working at your standing desk, switching shoes can help. Moving around, changing your posture regularly helps avoiding fatigue related pain.

Make sure the exercises you are about to do go well with the others in your office.

Strengthening your muscles while standing

Calf raises

For calf raises grab the edge of your desk, slowly raise yourself onto your toes, than let your body back again. Do at least 3 times 20 repetitions, but honestly there's no upper limit on this one. Just make sure you take your time to build the reps up.

If two leg calf raises are too easy for you, go for single leg (alternating) calf raises. This exercise can give you great calves.

Hamstring curls or heel kicks

Grab your desk, then slowly raise your heel towards your bottom one at a time. Speed it up only after 30 reps to avoid injury. This exercise strengthens and warms up your hamstrings.

Wall pushups

Position yourself towards the wall about 1.5 feet from it, with your palms flat on the wall. Slowly near your chest to the wall by bending your elbows, then return to your original position by pushing yourself back.

You can make this exercise harder by standing further away from the wall.

Side lunges

Stand such that you have enough place on your sides. Step two shoulders wide to your left side, leaving your right leg in place. Keep your weight on your left leg and lower yourself as if you'd squat with your left leg. Get back up then repeat on the other side. This exercise is great for your front thigh muscles.

Marching in place

Marching in place is just what it's name says: do as if you were walking while staying in place. This exercise is great to freshen up your mind a bit if you were getting tired.

Half squats

For half squats open your legs a bit wider than your shoulder, with your toes pointing outwards. Bend your knees and let your body down until your thighs make 45 degrees with the ground. This exercise will give you strong thighs.

Hip leg swing

Turn with your side towards the desk and grab it with your hand for support. Slowly swing your leg on the other side to the front, then to the back. Bring your leg as high up as you can. If you do not have enough place just do the front or the back part. This exercise improves hip mobility and adds a bit of muscle too.

Double arm lift to the sides

Keep your arms straight while raising them to your sides, up until comfortable. Once it's getting uncomfortable slowly let them back down.

For a bit of variety you can do this exercise with your palms pointing towards your front or back side. The range of mobility will be smaller with your hands pointing towards your back side, this is normal.

Stretching while standing

Back and triceps stretch

For this stretch lift your left arm above your head, grab your left elbow with the right hand and pull on your elbow with your hand towards the right while trying to bring your elbow back to the left. Lean right too. Repeat with the other side

Hamstring and back stretch

Keep your legs straight and bend forward then down from your hip while sliding your hands down your leg. Go down as deep as comfortable. This exercise stretches your back and your hamstrings, it's great against back pain.

Quad Stretch

Stand on your left leg, raise your right heel to your bottom. Grab your heel and force it gently towards your bottom. It's great for stretching your front thigh muscles.

Groin stretch (hip abductor stretch)

Stand up wide, let your body weight rest on your left leg, lower yourself a bit and lean towards your left side to stretch your abductor muscle. Repeat with the other side. Be careful not to overstretch yourself!

Calf stretch

Stand up and place a small and firm object under the front of your left foot. This will stretch your left calf. Repeat with the other leg.

Shoulder shrugs

Shrug your shoulders backwards while squeezing your shoulder blades together. This exercise strengthens your back and improves your posture.

Improving your balance

Standing on One Foot

For this simple balance exercise grab your desk, then stand on your left leg while raising the right. Hold this position for a few seconds then switch to the other leg. You can release your desk if you feel secure enough.

"Clocks" with one leg

Stand on your left leg, then move your other leg out to the sides: to the front, front right, right, back right, back. Repeat with the other leg. This exercise is great for your balance and range of motion too. Hold onto your desk for support when starting out.